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Opus quinque dierum

ISBN: 978-961-6036-96-2
AVTOR: Taja Kramberger

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...some sources, it could have been given . ... Opus Quinque Dierum: Durer'S 'Christ Among ... .. Christ among the Doctors is an oil painting by Albrecht Dürer, dating to 1506, now in the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain.The work dates to Dürer's sojourn in Venice, and was executed (according to the inscription Opus Quinque Dierum, meaning "Made in five days") hastily while he was working at the Feast of the Rosary altarpiece. © Taja Kramberger, Opus quinque dierum, CSK, Aleph, Ljubljana, 2009 Slovenska verzija - 6 pesmi II. Telo se silovito napne, da bi preneslo ... Jan Bialostocki, "Opus quinque dierum": Dürer's 'christ ... ... . Telo se silovito napne, da bi preneslo krivico, ki vdre kakor ... Lex hebdomadalis requiei praecipiebat ne opus fieret die septima, "ut requiescat bos et asinus tuus, et refrigeretur filius ancillae tuae et advena" (Ex 23, 12). The law of weekly rest forbade work on the seventh day , "so that your ox and your donkey may have rest, and the son of your maidservant, and the stranger, may be refreshed ... A Canonistic Text in the Opus Nonaginta Dierum Tierney, Brian. (2006) - In: Tribute Kenneth Pennington p. 556-569: 7 : Cosmogenèse, traditions culturelles et innovation (sur les sections 18-22 du "Tractatus de sex dierum operibus" de Thierry de Chartres) Lejbowicz, Max. It is inscribed "opus quinque dierum", a typically swaggering boast that Dürer had dashed it off in just five days. The London leg of the show had been scheduled for spring, ... The painting was executed, according to the inscription 'Opus Quinque Dierum' meaning 'Made in five days'. In the Christ among doctors, the index finger of Christ's left hand was touching the right-hand thumb. The mood is ominous and sadly young Jesus debates a mob of arrogant and self-righteous scholars. Opus quinque dierum (2009) ♣stava ♣♣publike ♣♣♣♣♣ni♣♣ (poezija-brisanka na podlagi Ustave Republike Slovenije, e-izdaja, 2010) Z roba klifa (2011) V tvojem objemu je prostor zame (2014) Literarne nominacije, priznanja, nagrade, štipendije Christ among doctors is a painting produced by Albrecht Dürer in 1506. There is an inscription which says Opus Quinque Dierum' meaning 'Made in five days' so it is believed that Christ among doctors was completed in just five days. Подпись на картине гласит: "opus quinque dierum" — характерная для Дюрера бравада, сообщающая зрителю, что на ее создание художник потратил всего пять дней. Opus quinque dierum in 2009 (poetic echos to the Deyfus Aff...